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Important tips and advice about electric scooters
May 13, 2021

1. Not afraid of rain and snow, but not wading

The vast majority of professional electric vehicle manufacturers' electric vehicles have passed the "spray" test before leaving the factory. Not afraid of rain and snow, but not wading. When the water level submerges the controller, wire circuit or motor hub, it will cause short circuit and damage electrical appliances; Please don't park the electric vehicle in rainy days for a long time, which may cause rain to seep into the electrical components.

2. Maintenance points of electric scooters battery

The lead-acid batteries used in e-bikes are consumables, and their service life is closely related to the daily use and maintenance of users

(1) The smaller the discharge depth of the battery, the longer the service life of the battery. Therefore, no matter how large the capacity of the battery pack is, users should develop a good habit of charging as they use it.

(2) When the battery needs to be placed for a long time, the heart must be fully charged and replenished regularly, usually once every 1 ~ 2 months.

(3) High current discharge has certain damage to the battery, so when starting and uphill, please use pedal to help.